Haiku Contest

Previous Prize Winners

The 22th HIA Haiku Contest

Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Haiku in Overseas


David Burleigh, Kimura Toshio

Prize of Haiku Interntional Association


Sooty image
of Virgin Mary in a cave―
autumn lamplights
Kumagai Kakuko(Sappolo)

Prize of Haiku Poets Associaiton

越川  悟

Animal trails
exist even in the city―
Showa Day
Koshikawa Satoru(Isumi-gun)

Prize of Modern Haiku Association


Boiling sun―
thick oil pipelines running
accross the dune
Shirotsuka Kokutenshi(Katsushika )

Prize of Japan Traditional Haiku Associatiom

渡辺 雅子

My husband and dog
flop down side by side
for a nap
Watanabe Masako(Narashino)

Prize of the Nihon Keizai Shimbun

草野 准子

To have a think
I’m swaying
on a swing
Kusano Junko(Suginami)

Prize of Japan Times

朴 美代子

My fist clenched in my pocket―
Pak Miyoko(Nagoya) (Translated by Murakami Hiroyuki)

Prize Winners - Selected by David Burleigh

Biblical rainfall
the pigeon bread has turned
to dough again
Lyudmila Hristova(Bulgaria)

its last leaf
wind enters the bathhouse
Jonathan Humphrey(U.S.A.)

Prize Winners - Selected by Toshio Kimura

our window-box
a honeybee meanders
among my desires
Cynthia Rowe(Australia)

abandoned garden
a rusty bird cage
with the door open
marinabita(Marina Bellini)(Romania)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by David Burleigh

full moon
my blank
Pere Risteski(North Macedonia)

cherry petals
the mask can’t hide
her delight
Edward Tara(Romania)

meteor shower
the black-eyed susans
are watching too
Earl R. Keener(U.S.A.)

early dawn
he fills the door frame
with his laughter
Xenia Tran(U.K.)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Toshio Kimura

autumn loneliness
waiting for the cows
to come home
Susan Burch(U.S.A.)

paper lantern
passing sea-grass
gone, like that
Ana Prundaru(Switzerland)

long journey
I wave to the moon
I left behind
Praniti Gulyani(India)

summer winds
my guitar gathers
the softest dust
Himanshu Vyas(India)