Haiku Contest

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The 20th HIA Haiku Contest

Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Haiku in Overseas


Kiuchi Toru, Kimura Toshio

Prize Winners - Selected by Toru Kiuchi

from stars in the sea
to stars in the sky
a stone stairway
Nikolay Grankin(Russia)

empty net―
fisherman shakes the ashes
from a cold pipe
Nina Kovacić(Croatia)

Prize Winners - Selected by Toshio Kimura

grandma’s house
silent barking
of the hand shadow dog
Alexey Andreev(Russia)

ducklings and blossoms
mingle in the pond
small talk I don’t understand
Ben Clarkson(New Zealand)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Toru Kiuchi

Bike riders zoom
one after another
desert moon
David McMurray(Kagoshima, Japan)

taiko-drums ceasing
slowly soaring down
the white feather
Lilian Rittri(Sweden)

left: snoring
right: botching a crossword
J. Brian Robertson(Canada)

bright sun
the cocoa dries
to the song of a woman
Mariela Hernandez(Netherlands)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Toshio Kimura

monsoon dusk . . .
a group of women sings
the rice planting songs
Kanchan Chatterjee(India)

summer breezes
the universe beyond
our small gate
Jay Friedenberg(U.S.A.)

sunlit field
in the tree frog’s eyes
darkness stays
Lucky Triana(Indonesia)

the last tram
takes into the night
the street noise
Branka Vojinović Jegdić(Montenegro)