Haiku Contest

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The 18th HIA Haiku Contest

The Award ceremony for the 18th HIA Haiku Contest was held at Ichigaya Arcadia on Sunday December 4th, 2016.

Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Haiku in Overseas, the results


Kiuchi Toru, Kimura Toshio

Prize Winners - Selected by Kiuchi Toru

Empty street
Birds flying away
First golden leaf
Laura Nicola(Denmark)

sunflowers field
son asks about
Andrius Luneckas(Lithuania)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Kiuchi Toru

noon darkness
watery bullets pound
every roof
Anthony Obaro(NIGERIA)

On a park bench
I have nothing for you
two sparrows
Angela Cornelia Voss(Germany)

from the rooftops
of the houses, smoke lifts
light as a breath
Pere Risteski(Macedonia)

winter evening
on my tambour frame
a meadow’s blooming
Anna Switalska-Jopek(Gdansk)

Prize Winners - Selected by Kimura Toshio

cranes in flight
my father’s worn coat
full of autumn wind
Dorota Pyra(Poland)

deep in the cat’s eyes
the crow’s caw caw caw
Roberta Beary(U.S.A.)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Kimura Toshio

traces in the garden
rediscovering me
Lilia Racheva(Bulgaria)

arriving on the farm-
the open arms
of the scarecrow
Kwaku Feni Adow(Ghana)

minor seventh . . .
a car door squeaks
to the blackbird’s song
mayflowerbg(Maya Lyubenova)(Bulgaria)

dark night
every raindrop a star
kjmunro(Katherine Munro)(Canada)