Haiku Contest

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The 17th HIA Haiku Contest

The Award ceremony for the 17th HIA Haiku Contest was held at Ichigaya Arcadia on Saturday December 5th, 2015.

Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Haiku in Overseas, the results


Kiuchi Toru, Kimura Toshio

Prize Winners - Selected by Kiuchi Toru

black swan
water drops
jewel the neck
Owen Bullock(Australia)

dying oak
by the curator's home
limbs akimbo
Ernest j berry(New Zealand)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Kiuchi Toru

Botanical garden
the cafe's empty chairs
sparrow perches
Valeria Barouch(Switzerland)

long rains. . .
the night guard's faint whistle
floats by
Kanchan Chatterjee(India)

a committee
gathers in celebration
dying buffalo
Nshai Waluzimba(Zambia)

back to my village . . .
more furrows twisted around
the chestnut's bark
Sasa Vazic(Serbia)

Prize Winners - Selected by Kimura Toshio

cherry blossom rain
just a few heartbeats
from the ground
Rafał Zabratyński(Poland)

old clock
run by finger
stopped time
Adam Augustin(Poland)

Honorable Mentions - Selected by Kimura Toshio

a handful
would suffice
mountain stars
Steven Clarkson(New Zealand)

express train
3 seconds
of sunflowers
Roberta BEARY(U.S.A.)

only clover leaves
without luck
Valeria Barouch(Switzerland)

power restored
yet I don't rush
to blow out the candle
Alexey Andreev(Russia)