What's Happening with Haiku in the World Now

The Current Haiku Situation Outside Japan

The first issue of the international online haiku magazine Chrysanthemum is out now and can be viewed at www.chrysanthemum-haiku.net

Liebe Haiku-Freunde, die erste Ausgabe des internationalen Haiku-Magazins Chrysanthemum ist eben erschienen: www.chrysanthemum-haiku.net

The Haiku Congress: from the 1st of June until the 5th in Constanta,
Romania, organized by the Constantza Haiku Society:
The Second European Haiku Congress: from 8th to 10th of June, in Sweden near
Stockholm, organised by Kai Falkman.

An obituary notice:
Kazuo Sato, the former director of International Division at the Museum of Haiku Literature, and former executive director of Haiku International Association, passed away from cancer on 20 February, 2005, aged 78. As is widely known, he did his best to promote the international exchange of haiku and haiku culture, fostering friendship with foreign haiku poets.

Days getting shorter
Sunny spots disappear
... and the cat, too.


(Tsunehiko Hoshino)