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December 1989


Since its introduction to Europe and America at the beginning of the 20th century haiku has spread all over the world. People in many nations are writing haiku in their own languages and a growing number are studying haiku. The Haiku International Association was established with the goals of fostering friendship and communication among those writing haiku and lovers of Japanese culture everywhere as well as to promote haiku and haiku culture.Our association was established by the three major haiku associations in Japan: Modern Haiku Association, Association of Haiku Poets and Association of Japanese Classical Haiku..


The Haiku International Association currently has around 500 members in Japan and about 120 international members in the United States, France, Germany, England, Italy, Holland, Belgium, China, Korea, India and etc.


Our Association's principle projects include the following:

(1). The collection and organization of materials related to international haiku in cooperation with haiku associations in other nations.
(2). Exchanges with haiku associations in other nations.
(3). The establishment of branches in every country (including Japan) in cooperation with "Sister Haiku Association" affiliates overseas.

At present, there are sixteen "Sister Haiku Associations."
Haikoe-Centrum Vladaaderen
Societatea de Haiku Constanta
The British Haiku Society
Deutsche Haiku-Gesellschaft
The Haiku Society of America
Haiku-Gesellschaft Berlin
Associazione Italiana del Amic del Haiku
The North Carolina Haiku Society
Shanghai Haiku-Hanpai Study Association
Taipei Haiku-Society
Haiku Canada
Haiku Poets of Northern California
Croatian Haiku Society
Swedish Haiku Association
(4). The introduction of haiku and haiku culture overseas.
(5). Publications, including the following:

(a). The magazine "HI" distributed to foreign embassies in Japan and by the Japanese Ministry of Foreign Affairs to Japanese embassies worldwide.
(b). The publication of "An Anthology of International Haiku" in 1992, 1995 and 2000.
(6). Support for conferences and events concerned with haiku.
(7). Support for activities required to carry out the goals of our association.