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The Results of the 15th HIA Haiku Contest

The Award ceremony for the 15th HIA Haiku Contest was held at Ichigaya Arcadia on Saturday November 30th, 2013. The six prizes were presented to the winners by representatives of the four Japanese haiku organizations and the two companies sponsoring the prizes. A lecture, "Haiku Neighbours: North American Haiku Today", by Mr.Michael Dyian Welch and the reception party followed.

The 15th HIA Haiku Contest

Sponsored by Haiku International Association
Supported by Nihon Keizai Shimbun, The Japan Times

Number of submissions

Japanese haiku: 784
Overseas haiku: 570

The announcement and comments on the winning haiku

The announcement and the comments on the Overseas haiku were given by Kiuchi Toru, a director of HIA

the 15th : 2013

Haiku in Overseas

Judges :

Kiuchi Toru, Kimura Toshio

Prize Winners
Selected by Toru Kiuchi

a magpie takes off
its shadow fell from its claws
to the snowy ground

Stjepan Rozic(Croatia)

Peacock on the tree
the spring breeze tousles
his eyes

Valeria Barouch(Switzerland)

Selected by Toshio Kimura

an old apple tree
instead of fruits

Robert Kania(Poland)

half-lit Moon in the sky
I invent stories
about the other half

Stanka Boneva(Bulgaria)

Honorable Mentions
Selected by Kiuchi
The peep of day
Aquarius empty the sky
From its stars
Steliana Cristina Voicu(Romania)
roses by the motorway:
their scent in the hot sun
deafens me
Andy Hunter(U.K.)
old attic
along the sunbeam
straight to the sky
Magdalena Banaszkiewicz(Poland)
summer drought
pennyroyal flowers
in the stream bed
Elaine Riddell(New Zealand)
Selected by Kimura
lizard -
a traveler from the past
looking for its end
Wincenty Ozga(Poland)
Drops under the eave -
a rooster picking
the last star
Olprica Padeanu(Romania)
close to the wind...
how many endings
does this story have?
Angela Terry(U.S.A.)
foggy forest
reminds me about us
everything blurry
Mihail Buraga(Romania)